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A Career In The Auto Industry

There are a lot of careers in the automotive field. There are millions of people who own cars. There has to be people to fix the cars when there is something wrong with them. There has to be people to sell cars when a person needs to buy a car. There are even careers that people can drive a car. The people who fix cars are called auto mechanics. AN auto mechanic is trained to do anything from a simple oil change to repairing more mechanical issues such as the engine. AN auto mechanic is a steady career because of how many people own cars. A car mechanic can work for a shop or they can work for themselves. There is real good money to be made if a car mechanic owns their own car repair shop.

The people who sell cars are called a car sales person. A car sales person makes commission off of each car that is sold. A car sales person can make up to six figures a year when it is busy. Everyone needs a car to get to work, to get to the grocery store, and to get to anywhere. There are so many car dealerships that are always hiring car sales people. When a car sales person sells a car they get a certain amount of that money. When a car sales person gets a promotion and is in management they earn commission off of every car sales person that is under them.

A person can make money buy driving a car. A person can offer taxi service for people who need to get to a location. A person can get a license and then they can buy a taxi car. A taxi car can be a very busy business especially when the holidays are around. The weekends are a real good money maker for taxi drivers who own their own taxi car. A person can buy more than one car and hire other drivers. If a person owns a taxi car company they can make a lot of money by collecting money from the drivers of the other taxi cars.