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Car Buying Tips

Smart car shoppers research several things online before physically arriving at a car lot. The more knowledge you have the better deal you can negotiate. Know the numbers. Find out what the trade in value is on your vehicle if you are trading it in. Narrow down the list of vehicles that you are interested in and find out what the dealers cost is.

Check several web sites to get an idea of the selling price on the cars and obtain a free credit report from one of the credit reporting companies. Your credit report relates directly to the interest rate you qualify for if you are financing your purchase through the dealer. The better your credit rating is the better interest rate you can get.

If you are trading in a vehicle, do everything you can to make it look and sound good without spending a lot of money. When your current car looks good it is an indication to the dealer that you have taken care of it which can increase the trade in offer. From the moment you step on the car lot, maintain control.

Do not let a sales representative intimidate you or convince you to buy a different car. If the salesperson puts excessive pressure on you in an effort to make a sale, request a different salesperson or walk off the lot. You are the customer and the sales person should be polite, helpful, and informative making every effort to assist you.

Fully examine a vehicle you are considering such as the wipers, lights, heat and air, dents and any other details you can think of. The dealer often fixes the problems and at the very least, it will give you another bargaining tool. Test-drive any vehicle you are considering and do not buy a car if there appears to be any major problems. When you locate the vehicle you want, use the financial information you gathered to your advantage.

After studying the numbers you should have a general idea of how much you will pay, the amount of a monthly payment, trade in allowance, and what interest rate you will accept. Insist the salesperson and finance officer give you the itemized details on any transaction and stick to the pre-determined amount of money you will pay. As long as your expectations are reasonable, there are too many car lots to go over budget.