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Car Buying Tips

Smart car shoppers research several things online before physically arriving at a car lot. The more knowledge you have the better deal you can negotiate. Know the numbers. Find out what the trade in value is on your vehicle if you are trading it in. Narrow down the list of vehicles that you are interested in and find out what the dealers cost is.

Check several web sites to get an idea of the selling price on the cars and obtain a free credit report from one of the credit reporting companies. Your credit report relates directly to the interest rate you qualify for if you are financing your purchase through the dealer. The better your credit rating is the better interest rate you can get.

If you are trading in a vehicle, do everything you can to make it look and sound good without spending a lot of money. When your current car looks good it is an indication to the dealer that you have taken care of it which can increase the trade in offer. From the moment you step on the car lot, maintain control.

Do not let a sales representative intimidate you or convince you to buy a different car. If the salesperson puts excessive pressure on you in an effort to make a sale, request a different salesperson or walk off the lot. You are the customer and the sales person should be polite, helpful, and informative making every effort to assist you.

Fully examine a vehicle you are considering such as the wipers, lights, heat and air, dents and any other details you can think of. The dealer often fixes the problems and at the very least, it will give you another bargaining tool. Test-drive any vehicle you are considering and do not buy a car if there appears to be any major problems. When you locate the vehicle you want, use the financial information you gathered to your advantage.

After studying the numbers you should have a general idea of how much you will pay, the amount of a monthly payment, trade in allowance, and what interest rate you will accept. Insist the salesperson and finance officer give you the itemized details on any transaction and stick to the pre-determined amount of money you will pay. As long as your expectations are reasonable, there are too many car lots to go over budget.

Are you paying too much for car insurance?

For the past couple of years, people having been tired of paying the premiums of their car insurance. Many people have been struggling with these payments to avoid future debts. Everyone would love if he can have means on how to lower overall car insurance.

If you have been struggling so hard with the monthly premiums for your car insurance, coming to the end of this article you would have all the possible ways you can implement in order to save your cash through paying fewer premiums. The question that should be in your mind is asking yourself the duration you have wasting your money on car insurance this is because you will never be a victim of such situations again.

It is no wonder that your near neighbors’ or colleagues are paying much less money on the insurance premiums. There is no good reason as to why you should carry the cross alone while there are easier ways you can use to catch up with them. Therefore, it is challenge to you if you have been sick due to such high payments. You need to save your money for other investments rather than wasting it on the payment of insurance premiums.

It is not surprising that you can use all your savings on these car insurance companies, in the name of taking of care your car, which can bring poverty in your life in the near future. You should learn now and save your money to curb poverty and catch up with the growing economy.

If you almost giving up on the payment of the increased car insurance premiums then, here are some simple ways to assist you save your money today. Adherence to them you will be able to improve your living with the wasted money on car insurance.

First it is important that you seek information from your auto insurance company on the discounts they offer. There are many places to compare cheap insurance quotes online. If discounts are offered you will be able to pay less than what they require from you. Nevertheless, if your insurance company does not give enough discounts for its customers, then you better look for another company that offers more discounts.

Besides you can also lower your monthly premiums by making sure you do all the necessary things however much they may seem very simple. For instance, if you have a driving license definitely you will pay less car insurance.
You can also visit a website now and search for the cheapest automobile car insurance best for you. It is much easier and more accessible rather than getting information from other agents who might not give you what is really good for you.

Furthermore you can easily pay you car insurance online. Here you will only pay the recommended premiums without any other transactions; again it will save you on time, making your life much simpler.
From what has been discussed, you are in a great passion of saving your money today. Simply visit your website, log in for the best and the cheapest auto insurance now and start saving your money.

I Took My Car in For Repairs but I Can’t Afford To Pay the Bill

Most people use their cars everyday and they depend on them to get them from point A to point B. We rely on our cars to get us to and from work and when they break down it can be very costly. We sometimes take our cars for granted and we just assume that they will work properly every day. However, that is not the real world and if you own a car it will break down at one point and time.

Car repairs can be very costly and consumers often do not realize how costly they can actually be. Before purchasing a car you need to factor in your monthly payment along with the cost of maintenance. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case and people will purchase a car without ever thinking about the cost to keep them running. When your car breaks down you will take it to an auto repair shop to be fixed. The auto repair shop will look at the car and give you an estimate to fix it. Before checking the car into the shop you will be given the estimate and you will be asked to sign it. Once you sign the estimate the repairs will begin and your car will be fixed. The full payment will be due in order for you to pick up your car but what happens if you don’t have the money to pay the bill?

If you are unable to pay the repair bill you will be given thirty days to come up with the money. If you don’t pay the bill within the thirty days the auto repair shop can place a mechanics lien on your vehicle. If there is an active loan attached to your car the finance company will be notified and they will be given thirty days to pay the amount of the repair bill. At that point if the finance company does not pay the full amount due the car will become legal property of the auto repair shop. Is this allowed? Can they do this? The answer is yes to both of the questions. This is why it is very important that you make sure you have the money to pay for the repair bill before signing the estimate. If you are given an estimate and you are unsure if you will have the money to pay for it, simply take your car back home and wait until you have the money.

Retro Models — What is Old is New Again

Some car manufacturers have recently tried to re-introduce models that have long been dormant. These manufacturers are attempting to reinvent a classic model and not simply rebadge a new model. Some classic examples are the reborn Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger. These newer versions of classic American muscle are retro-modern interpretations. Another car company that has jumped on the retro return is Audi with a possible revitalized Quattro Coupe.

Chevrolet Camaro
The newest Camaro was introduced to auto enthusiasts in 2006. The actual car made it to production in 2009 and is now on sale at Chevrolet dealers across North America. A new convertible and high performance versions are due for release later this year. The new version harkens back to the earliest Camaros of 1967 through 1969. The body is larger and appears more muscular in its latest rebirth but the car is still classic American muscle at its best.

Dodge Challenger
Never a great seller when it was first on the market between 1970 and 1974 this twin to the Plymouth Barracuda gathered a cult following after production ended. The large engine models with hemi engines and 440 Magnums with six barrel carburetors were some of the most sought after collector cars during the booming late 90s and early part of the twenty first century. This prompted the reintroduction of the Challenger in 2008 as a competitor to Ford’s redesigned Mustang. The Challenger is a high performance car in its current format. The car is larger than the original model. Hemi power is still available.

Audi Quattro Coupe

The first coupe Quattro was introduced at the Geneva show in 1980 and went into production for European markets later that year. The Quattro was Audi’s all wheel drive rally car, designed and built to take advantage of new rules in the World Rally Class competitions that were popular in Europe. The introduction of all wheel drive to the coupe provided better traction on the rally courses. The turbo charged engine propelled the car to a seven second quarter mile and a top speed over 135 miles per hour. These were fantastic numbers for a production coupe in 1980. The latest Audi Quattro concept returns to the roots of Audi’s driving heritage. It is a two door sleek coupe styled body over an intricate all wheel drive system. The turbocharged and intercooled engine is rumored to be a five cylinder just as the original one was over thirty years ago. Whether Audi builds this car or not, the concept made a splash on the show circuit in 2010 and 2011. Rumors are that a production model will be available in 2012 or 2013.

A Career In The Auto Industry

There are a lot of careers in the automotive field. There are millions of people who own cars. There has to be people to fix the cars when there is something wrong with them. There has to be people to sell cars when a person needs to buy a car. There are even careers that people can drive a car. The people who fix cars are called auto mechanics. AN auto mechanic is trained to do anything from a simple oil change to repairing more mechanical issues such as the engine. AN auto mechanic is a steady career because of how many people own cars. A car mechanic can work for a shop or they can work for themselves. There is real good money to be made if a car mechanic owns their own car repair shop.

The people who sell cars are called a car sales person. A car sales person makes commission off of each car that is sold. A car sales person can make up to six figures a year when it is busy. Everyone needs a car to get to work, to get to the grocery store, and to get to anywhere. There are so many car dealerships that are always hiring car sales people. When a car sales person sells a car they get a certain amount of that money. When a car sales person gets a promotion and is in management they earn commission off of every car sales person that is under them.

A person can make money buy driving a car. A person can offer taxi service for people who need to get to a location. A person can get a license and then they can buy a taxi car. A taxi car can be a very busy business especially when the holidays are around. The weekends are a real good money maker for taxi drivers who own their own taxi car. A person can buy more than one car and hire other drivers. If a person owns a taxi car company they can make a lot of money by collecting money from the drivers of the other taxi cars.